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New OSHA Training Institute Education Center

The addition of a new organization to the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) Education Center Network has been announced with the renewal of 25 existing education centers.

OTI Education Center Network was first started with four locations in 1992. As the demand for OSHA courses grew, the original training institution exceeded capacity. The OTI Education Center Network helped to alleviate the exceeded capacity. These institutes were not funded by OSHA, but rather by the tuition and fees that were already integrated.

At this time an OSHA Training Institute offers courses for OSHA standards to workers and employers in the United States. These training centers work with OSHA to administer and monitor the Outreach Training Program. Despite this program not being a required training standard per OSHA, more than 3 million people since 2020 have been trained through this course. Other course programs include Hazardous Material, Machine Guarding, Electrical Standards, as well as Trainer Courses and a number of others.

The new OTI was announced in April this year, following a competition which evaluated a number of aspects of every applicant. These aspects included organizational skills, marketing and administrative abilities and Diversity Equity Inclusion and Accessibility.

The Construction Education Foundation located in Denver Colorado is now an OTI and part of OSHA’s OTI Education Center Network.

To learn more or for a comprehensive list of all OSHA Training Institutes, visit:

OSHA Training Institue

Mostardi Platt
888 Industrial Drive
Elmhurst, IL 60126