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Compliance Management Process (CMP®)

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Mostardi Platt’s CMP® is a secure, cloud-based EHS Compliance Management tool designed to generate and monitor a comprehensive task schedule to meet the unique needs of each individual client. It sets forth a plan to determine EHS regulations applicable to any given client’s site, generate a compliance task list, assign the responsible party for each task, and monitor the performance of those tasks.

“The CMP® that Mostardi Platt introduced has provided a significant resource for our compliance program. In addition to the easy-to-use features such as the compliance calendar, email alerts, and tracking deadlines, we use it internally as a reference for reports, permits, and other records that support our program. It has become a quick reference for all our compliance documentation.”

– Terry Emmel, Vice President, Facility Operations, FONA International

“Mostardi Platt’s CMP® has greatly improved our compliance track record over the years and has ensured that we do not receive any regulatory violations or fines”

– Tim J. Zernzach, Global Director, Videojet

Compliance Management Solution

ISO 14001 Programs

Using Mostardi Platt’s Auditing and CMP® Tools or internal programs and procedures, we can assist your organization in developing and implementing an effective ISO 14001 program that will satisfy registration requirements and business needs.


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