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Temporary Workers

Generally, temporary workers are those who are employed by staffing agencies. Temps are employees paid by a staffing agency while working for a host employer. Temporary workers may be eligible for full time positions with a host employer depending on their performance. Both the host employer and the staffing agency are shared employers of these staff members and therefore are both responsible for keeping the employee safe in the workplace.

The responsibility shared between the host employer and the staffing agency means that both are responsible for maintaining the safety of the temps. This includes ensuring all OSHA training, hazard communication and recordkeeping requirements are fulfilled.

Concerns revolving around temps involve using them to avoid meeting all OSHA compliance obligations. Oftentimes, these temps get placed in jobs that are the most hazardous. What’s more is that adequate direction and proper training is often not given to temp workers for these hazardous jobs.

For this reason, the host employer and staffing agency must communicate to provide all required training and protection. Regardless of how long a temp is scheduled to be with a company, they must be treated in the same manner as any other employees in terms of all training and health and safety protection.

For more information about OSHA and temporary workers visit: Protecting Temporary Workers | Occupational Safety and Health Administration (

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