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Recording COVID-19 Cases for the OSHA 300 Log

OSHA recently shared their “Revised Enforcement Guidance for Recording Cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)” to help employers determine OSHA 300 Log requirements for COVID-19.   Our full-service consultants at Mostardi Platt are here to help guide your OSHA 300 Log decision making, keeping your company in compliance during the ongoing pandemic.

A COVID-19 case occurs in the workplace it is generally recorded as work-related if:
  • When several cases develop among workers who work closely together and there is no alternative explanation.
  • An employee’s case is contracted shortly after lengthy, close exposure to a particular customer or coworker who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 and there is no alternative explanation.
  • If an employee’s job duties include having frequent, close exposure to the general public and there is no alternative explanation.
A COVID-19 case which occurs in the workplace should NOT be considered work-related and NOT be recorded if:
  • An employee’s COVID-19 case is the first case to occur in the workplace. Furthermore, their job duties would not include having frequent contact with the general public.
  • Another employee contracts COVID-19, with a gap of greater than 14 days between their case and the preceding employee’s case. Their job duties do not include having frequent contact with the general public.
  • An employee frequently associates with someone (a family member, significant other, close friend) who has COVID-19; and that person is not a coworker.

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