CMP Tool

Compliance Management Process Software

Mostardi Platt has developed and implemented a task management tool to assist our clients in managing ongoing environmental, health & safety (EHS) activities associated with permits and compliance.  Compliance Management Process (CMP®) began as a basic spreadsheet tool.  But over the course of more than twenty years of usage and refinement, and with valuable input from our clients, it has evolved into a secure, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS).

CMP® is provided as a service by Mostardi Platt.  This service includes:

  1. the evaluation of the customer’s facilities in order to determine specific tasks necessary to assist in meeting compliance requirements, and
  2. loading the software with each of these tasks.

Compliance Management Tool

CMP® key features include:

  • Ease of Use
  • Create and Update Tasks to meet current requirements on an ongoing basis. These tasks also have the ability to add attachments, such as task completion checklists or other documents, to verify that the task was completed.
  • Task Escalations to induce the person responsible for completion with a prompt. Additional Escalations also go to the responsible person’s supervisor to encourage follow-up.
  • Creation and use of Event Driven Tasks Templates. This special task could be for a Spill, Emission Testing, and/or other activities that require a specific set of either prior or post event tasks for completion.
  • Document Library file cabinet provides a location to store both current and historical permits, regulations, and other applicable records.
  • Links are included for fast searching of both federal and state environmental agencies, OSHA, and other appropriate web links.

Who benefits from CMP®?

Organizations with ongoing EHS compliance requirements derive the greatest benefit. Especially those that use CMP® additionally for facility and equipment maintenance tasks management.  However, businesses of all sizes will appreciate the value-added benefits of CMP®.  As a task management tool, CMP® provides an effective, user-friendly method to manage the ongoing requirements for the completion and documentation of EHS and other (e.g., maintenance) tasks.

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