OSHA Compliance Checklist

The US Department of Labor’s penalties for serious posting requirements, other-than-serious posting requirements, failure to abate, and willful or repeated OSHA violations will increase affective January 15, 2021, reaching as high as $13,653 per first time violation.  The most recent memorandum from the Regional Administrators states that the increased penalty plan is to incentive employers to correct and prevent violations voluntarily, before it’s too late.  While it can be a daunting task to consider all the factors that go into preventing violations, we’ve put together a few recommendations for a thoughtful and strategic approach to OSHA compliance.

  • Refer to the OSHA safety plans that apply to your specific facility, beginning at the highest level with Federal and State resources from the Department of Labor.
  • Train your employees on what to expect regarding compliance with your safety plans and encourage an open dialogue of communication to help ensure proper comprehension of regulations.
  • Create a compliance file to store your training notes as well as sign-in details.

As you organize your OSHA strategy in the new year, consider Mostardi Platt as a resource partner to provide a comprehensive gap analysis of your company’s workplace safety.  Connect with us here and one of our EHS consultant will reach out to you shortly.

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