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Restrictions in Illinois Manufacturing Facilites: Covid Tier 3

Beginning on November 21, 2020, at 12:01 AM, the following new restrictions go into effect for all manufacturing facilities located in Illinois. There are additional restrictions for non-manufacturing facilities including retail establishments, bars and restaurants, hotels, and office-only establishments, which can be found at the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) website:

Manufacturing Requirements Include:

  • Additional COVID training for all employees, even if previous training occurred
  • Operators should coordinate with IDPH to implement testing protocols and contact tracing, upon request, consistent with available testing supplies
  • All employees must wear face coverings at all times unless eating or drinking. Exemptions only for safety purposes.
  • Only manufacturing staff and key personnel allowed in facilities. Non-production employees must work remotely. Non-essential staff and visitors are not permitted. Exemptions only for critical equipment repairs, supply deliveries and safety reasons (“critical visitors”).
  • All critical visitors must have an Employee Health and Safety (EHS)-approved risk-assessment done in advance, including travel history, tracking, and temperature check prior to entrance.
  • Implement additional workstation realignment when feasible
  • Stagger and space shifts, and designate shift entrances and exits (when possible) to minimize interactions of employees across unique shift groupings
  • Station sanitation required at beginning and ending of shifts
  • Operators must suspend COVID-related incentive pay and promote staying home when sick or showing symptoms
  • Implement temporary leave policies to accommodate workers who are sick
  • Develop and implement safety protocols for employee travel vans to promote spacing, require face coverings, temperature checks, air circulation, and vehicle sanitization

If you need assistance complying with these new requirements or have questions regarding COVID-era compliance such as needing help with employee training or the preparation of a company’s Infectious Disease Plan, please contact Mostardi Platt at 630-993-2100 or submit a request here.