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Our Mission

Mostardi Platt’s Mission is to provide professional & innovative environmental services for our clients. This is achieved through an interactive and cooperative employee work culture, which we extend to our client relationships.  At Mostardi Platt, the interests of our clients are our center focus. We work cross-departmentally to provide holistic solutions for complex environmental needs. 

Our Values

Our Employees

The strength and vitality of the company lies in our people. Mostardi Platt is committed to providing their employees with a work good environment, training, tools and support which allow the company to achieve excellence in client satisfaction.
Mostardi Platt also offers its employees motivation, recognition and opportunities to realize their own career goals and further develop in their career paths.


Mostardi Platt is honest, ethical and fair. The company prides itself on being truthful and expects that others provide the truth as well. We deliver our commitments and expectations that are set by clients and co-workers.


Mostardi Platt works together to achieve common goals, whether for clients or employees. The company believes in the dignity of the individual. Mutual respect, communication, openness and flexibility are all important to success.

Technical Excellence

Mostardi Platt uses experience and advanced techniques and tools in order to meet and exceed the quality expectations of clients and co-workers. Mostardi Platt tries to always go above and beyond the client’s expectations using the tools available.


Mostardi Platt is always searching for new ideas in order to improve the quality of work, save time and reduce costs. New ideas are also researched regarding improvement of communication for clients as well as improvements within the company.