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Air Emissions Testing

Air emissions testing is performed by our teams of environmental engineers. Our environmental engineers work to analyze, evaluate, and monitor process and point source air emissions in various industries around the world. We follow the USEPA reference test methods and monitoring requirements to complete our testing. In addition, Mostardi Platt’s professionals can assist clients in developing specific air emissions test programs designed to comply with both regulatory and non-regulatory drivers. A number of different services are offered in order to best suit the air emissions testing needs of our clients. 


Ambient Air Monitoring

Ambient air monitoring assists in measuring pollution levels in the outdoor air over long periods of time. This data can be collected to assess pollution, implement quality goals, evaluate effectiveness of emission control strategies, or to provide data on air quality trends. The most commonly monitored substances for ambient air include PM 10, PM 2.5, NOx and SOx. 

Air Emissons Source Testing

  • Wet Testing
    • Isokinetic Sampling & Non-Isokinetic Sampling
  • Gaseous Testing
    • Compliance Testing and Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA)

Ambient Air Monitoring

  • Air Quality Sensors
    • Gaseous and Particle Bound Criteria Pollutants 
  • Fenceline Monitoring
    • Fugitive Emissions & Summa Canister Collection

Regulatory Insights

  • Risk and Technology Review (RTR)
    • Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards
  • Information Collection Request (ICR)
    • Clean Air Act (CAA) Section 114